IFP Lauds Efforts of Its President Emeritus and Leadership to Protect Communities Against Uprisings

As chaos, violence and mayhem continued throughout much of yesterday in towns across South Africa, the IFP’s President Emeritus, IFP leadership and other IFP leaders working in their respective areas, took to the streets to call for calm, promote the restoration of peace, and to defend and assist communities.

With just 5000 SANDF troops deployed throughout the entire South Africa, many citizens have been left to fend for themselves, and to protect their families and livelihoods from the anarchists and looters.

Late last night in the freezing cold, the IFP’s President Emeritus, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, MP, visited and assisted at nine community checkpoints in Ulundi.

These checkpoints were manned by the IFP’s Ulundi Mayor, Councillor Ntshangase, the Party’s Secretary General, the Hon. Siphosethu Ngcobo, MP, and various other IFP leaders and community members working hand-in-hand with the Police.

Their speedy interventions have ensured that Ulundi is now one of the few towns in KwaZulu-Natal that has not been burned to ashes in recent days.

Yesterday, during two live interviews, the IFP’s President Emeritus called on Government to act immediately by deploying the SANDF in far greater numbers to protect our citizens.

He also asked citizens yesterday to do their bit to reclaim their streets. Last night he led by example, assisting a community forum that did exactly that.

We thank the IFP leadership and in particular, Prince Buthelezi, for leading by example.

The IFP calls once more on all citizens to stand together, to protect each other, to denounce violence and looting, and to defeat the anarchists.

We call the rank-and-file of our Party to be a part of activities seeking to quell the unacceptable situations in their respective areas. Please convene meetings of community leaders, SAPS, etc. to devise corrective action plans in appealing to our citizens to stay peaceful. We, as IFP leaders, should not allow opportunists to have their way.

Together, we can restore law and order. Together we can reclaim our streets. Together we can rebuild our beautiful country.

Narend Singh, MP
IFP Chief Whip
083 788 5954