IFP National Executive Committee StatementTuesday, 27 August 2019

Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP
IFP National Spokesperson

The newly elected IFP National Executive Committee (NEC) held its first meeting yesterday.

The NEC wishes to express its deepest appreciation to all the delegates of the 35thNational General Conference (elective) that was convened 23-25 August 2019 in Ulundi.

The Conference was successful and fully complied with the prescripts and due processes of the IFP Constitution.

The NEC applauds the peaceful manner in which the Conference was conducted by delegates. The IFP at this Conference has come out united, strong and purposeful for the future as it continues with its historic mission of the liberation of the oppressed, dispossessed and vulnerable.

The theme of our conference: “Building On A Strong Legacy In A New Season Of Struggle For Economic And Social Justice Structured On Democratic Ideals” is the call to march into the future that guides us as a Party.

The success of our Conference has not sat well with many of our detractors, particularly the so-called analysts and some media practitioners who are deliberately misreporting as they wish to see the IFP fail.

Whilst the IFP is concerned by these rogue elements, the IFP NEC wishes to thank all media houses for their very comprehensive coverage of the Conference.

The NEC having considered all the Conference resolutions will be developing the Party’s program of action consistent with these resolutions to ensure that the expressed wishes of the rank and file of the IFP is fully realized.

The inaugural meeting of the newly elected National Council, the Party’s highest decision-making body in between conferences, will be convened on (date).

The IFP is Party of social and economic justice; and as we seek to build South Africa for the better we must learn to put our differences aside and work together as South Africans to building a working country.

Where we are in opposition we will be constructive in our approach, always striving to present viable solutions to the many problems facing our people. Where we are in government we expect the same of those who oppose us. Finding solutions and working together should the approach of all South Africans in general and political parties in particular.

The NEC noted the statement by the ANC about our Conference and also paying tribute to IFP President Emeritus Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP, we reiterate the need for the finalisation of the reconciliation agenda between our two parties to normalise relations in the course of politicking.

The NEC is making a clarion call to all those that love South Africa to join hands in partnership with the IFP to fix that which is broken in our country, and to strengthen that which is functional.

To those that love this country and want that which is good for this country; we in the IFP are your partners.

The NEC will hold a media briefing in due course on the plans of the IFP moving forward.

The IFP says thank-you.

Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP
IFP National Spokesperson
071 111 0539