IFP on Foetus Dumpings

The IFP is shocked and deeply saddened at the gruesome discovery of a foetus dumped in a drain in Bayview, Chatsworth on Saturday 24th August.

Les Govender, MPL and Spokesperson of Social Development expressed concern that such incidents are becoming too frequent despite the easy access to birth control. ‘ While the area is plagued by poverty and a myriad social ills, there is simply no excuse for such an inhumane act to be perpetrated. Clearly more education and awareness is needed to curb this scourge. Those who feel they cannot for whatever reason raise a child should seek help from local welfare organisations. ‘ stated Govender.

He also called upon Faith based organisations and Women’s groups to assist but stated that very often those who need the help will not seek it as they are fearful of the societal stigma attached. ‘The IFP commends and welcomes the establishment of the baby safe in Phoenix and we hope that this will eliminate such acts like this from happening. Dumping a baby or a foetus has no place in a moral society and should never be an option’ concluded Govender.

Hon Les Govender MPL
IFP KZN Spokesperson on Social Development
082 448 8787