IFP: Parents must educate children about dangers of Covid-19

The IFP calls upon parents to play an active role in the fight against the spread of Covid-19 after nine learners tested positive for Covid-19 at Belverton Secondary School on the KZN North Coast after attending a party.

We condemn the irresponsible behaviour of organising a party without a proper supervision in this time of a pandemic. The blame must be put on parents for allowing their children to attend the party without knowing whether all necessary precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the party were in place. Unsupervised parties are known to be super-spreaders of Covid-19.

These types of events typically see participants abandoning COVID-19 preventative measures that include wearing masks, practicing good hand hygiene and keeping a safe social distance. This negligent behaviour inadvertently puts their loved ones and other members of the community at risk.

The IFP believes that the COVID-19 period presents the opportunity for parents to be engaged in the lives of their children like never before. The time has come to ensure that with increased parental responsibility comes an increased right to participate and to have a say. Parents must be aware of how COVID-19 is transmitted and the possible signs and symptoms relating to the disease. Parents must make sure that every child understands the importance of practicing good hygiene habits and the preventive measures that keep them healthy. They have a duty to assist government in the fight against Covid-19. It our collective responsibility as a society to stop the spread of Covid-19 by doing what is right by adhering to all measures that have been put in place stop the spread of the virus.

Time for complacency is over. Organisers of events which later turn out to be “super spreaders’’ of Covid-19 must face legal action. If we disregard Covid-19 regulations we will not win the fight against this invisible enemy.

The IFP calls on the KZN Department of Education to enforce law and take necessary action against schools who are organising unsupervised parties. Anyone found to be guilty must be held accountable.

Mrs Thembeni KaMdlopha Mthethwa, MPL
IFP KZN Provincial Spokesperson for Education
071 884 3844/ 079 114 3015