IFP: Poor leadership to blame for KZN crisis

The IFP believes that lack of vision, poor leadership, empty promises, inaccessibility and lack of accountability on the part of the current leadership in KwaZulu-Natal under ANC’s stewardship has resulted in an increase in violent service delivery protests, xenophobic attacks and burning of trucks. These failures of government have subsequently promoted a culture of violence in the province which the ANC has been unable to contain for a protracted period of time.

Currently, we are witnessing violent service delivery protests in many parts of the province, xenophobic attacks in Richards Bay and burning of trucks on national roads after government faulting on many promises made, people are getting more and more desperate. The people of KwaZulu-Natal in areas such as Nseleni, Cinci, Ugu, Ncwadi, uMhlabuyalingana and many other municipalities, like the rest of the country are fed up with the ANC’s lies.

The IFP believes that xenophobic attacks in Richards Bay are fuelled by the failure by the ANC government to enforce security into our porous borders which make them easily accessible to illegal migrants who then enter the country to become drug lords and engage other illegal activities. The government has failed to protect the people from negative economic effects caused by the influx of illegal immigrants in our communities.

Again, on the issue of trucking industry, the ANC government has failed to address the issue of burning of trucks in KwaZulu-Natal. The Inter-Ministerial Committee that was appointed to resolved this issue seems to be ineffective in coming up with tangible and long-term amicable solutions.

This is despite the fact that ANC’s political campaign manifesto promised to get this country functional but have created more disquiet. Government leaders made temporary promises most likely to satisfy voters during election campaigns. In so doing, ANC politicians raise the public’s expectations, creating false perceptions that, following the election, communities will receive the services promised and their problems will be resolved.

The IFP is concerned that if these challenges and failures cannot be remedied immediately, we are likely to witness more protests, burning of trucks and xenophobic attacks in this province. Many people have little confidence in the efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness of local government leadership. It is therefore imperative that government hold officials accountable for any abuse of power, and ensure efficiency, effectiveness, responsiveness and transparency in the local and provincial sphere. Hence the necessity for an urgent intervention that could change the dire socio-economic condition of many communities is in need.

The ANC must take responsibility, yet their lack of understanding is shocking and shows how little hope there is for improvements under their watch. We cannot afford to let the ANC continue to bury their head in the sand and make decisions with no reference to a greater vision and plan, and in the absence of consultation or understanding.

It is also important that the ANC considers a proactive route in the manner it will address the issues of lack of service delivery and unfulfilled promises. Government officials should always be on the front line, calming and addressing the people during these protests. It is not fair for police officers to be under unnecessary strenuous pressure intervening while the leadership of the ANC is nowhere to be seen during these violent protests.

Police are made scapegoats to face the wrath of angry community members which is intentionally caused by inept elected leaders who fail to perform their allotted duties with state funds but hide in their air conditioned offices.

The IFP calls on elected Leaders to show leadership and deliver on the promises that they make in every election.

Mr Blessed Gwala MPL,
IFP KZN Spokesperson for Community Safety and Liaison,
078 290 5842