IFP Rejects IEC Interpretation of the Concourt Ruling on Elections

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) rejects the Independent Electoral Commission’s (IEC) interpretation of the Constitutional Court judgment handed down on Friday, 3 September. 

The briefing by the IEC, announcing amendments to the Electoral Timeline – including the reopening of Candidate Nominations – clearly shows that they are operating with political bias. The interpretation of the judgment by the IEC is not legal, but political.  

Therefore, the IFP is consulting with its Legal Team to consider the best possible legal avenues regarding the IEC’s amendments to the Electoral Timeline. 

We are vehemently opposed to their stance in granting the ANC a second chance, when back in 2011 the IFP was not granted the same, nor were there any favours done for the NFP in 2016.  

The independence, credibility and integrity of the IEC is now in question. Indeed, it is a sad day for our democracy when we find that our Electoral Commission, a Chapter 9 institution, has been left sorely wanting. 

Notwithstanding the above, the IFPs National Campaign Committee (NCC) met today, and the IFP is charging ahead with election preparations at full steam.