IFP: Retraining essential for some magistrates

The Inkatha Freedom Party demands that magistrate K Bodlani who imposed shockingly lenient sentences to child rapists in the uMlazi magistrate’s court, be prevented from presiding over such cases and that she’s be retrained and supervised until she is found to be fit for the highly responsible role that she is required to play in society. 

“The IFP is deeply concerned that Bodlani did not view the actions of the rapists, one of whom is a father who raped his child, to be serious enough to impose the mandatory maximum sentence. She clearly does not understand the severe emotional trauma that will live on with the victims well into their adult lives,” said IFP Spokesperson on Social Development, Hon Les Govender MPL.

“By handing down lenient sentences such as five years for heinous crimes like child rape, the magistrate is clearly undermining the administration of justice. This does not send a strong message to would-be rapists and child abusers”, said Hon Govender.

The IFP welcomes the special judicial review of Bodlani’s decisions and commends the findings of the special review judgment with two magistrates concurring that the matters must be referred back to the uMlazi magistrate’s court to be heard by another magistrate. We hope that the victims will not have to relive their trauma during these hearings.

Issued by: 
Mr Les Govender MPL
IFP KZN Spokesperson on Social Development
082 4488787