IFP says the ANC gathering in Pietermaritzburg is likely to spread Coronavirus

The IFP in KZN Legislature is concerned that the ANC is breaking Covid19 Regulations

We are concerned that the gathering outside the High Court in PMB today is likely to be a super spreader of the 3rd wave of Covid19 in KwaZulu-Natal Province.

The regulations state that outdoor gatherings should not exceed 200 people but the ANC decided to ignore these regulations. It is surprising that the Hon Premier of KwaZulu-Natal chooses to turn a blind eye to this transgression to the extent that he is part of this event.

Many people attending this gathering do not practice social distancing and are not wearing masks. We are concerned that this event is likely to reverse the gains that this Province has made in fighting this deadly pandemic.

Why are the police turning a blind eye to this obvious transgression that is taking place outside the PMB High Court? Why is the Police Minister quiet about this defiance? It will be interesting to know whether the President of the Republic will say anything about this obvious disregard of the Covid19 regulations by the ANC.

How will the government stop other people to organise political gatherings or any other gatherings, be they music festivals or football matches to be attended by as many people as those who were outside the PMB High Court today if it has failed to act on those who are gathering outside the PMB High Court today.

The double standards must come to an end, everyone regardless of their political standing in society should observe regulations and respect the laws of the land.


IFP Deputy Chief Whip
KZN Legislature
083 471 9944