IFP KZN Spokesperson on Education,
Mrs Thembeni KaMadlopha-Mthethwa MPL


The IFP calls on the KZN MEC of Education, KwaZi Mshengu to make it mandatory that school registration fees are paid in banks not in schools to avoid robberies.

This comes after robbers made off with cash collected from school fees and registrations at Quarry Heights Primary School in Newlands East on Wednesday.

We propose that as from next year ALL schools in the Province must not accept cash during registration but they must advise parents that fees must be paid at the bank. This will prevent schools to become targets of robberies by criminals as they know that registrations fees are paid in cash in schools.

We are aware that many poor parents especially in rural areas might experience challenges of paying school fees in banks but we are convinced that this will protect teachers and learners from ruthless criminals who will attack and kill them demanding school fees.

Furthermore, this incident further raises questions about the safety of learners and teachers in schools. The IFP believes that the Education MEC in KZN Kwazi Mshengu must take full blame and responsibility for ignoring our calls to implement stringent security measures in schools.

For many years, the IFP have made countless calls for installation of safety measures such as metal detectors, CCTV cameras and tight security personnel at all schools for the safety of students, staff and school personnel as well as to deter students and visitors from bringing weapons to schools. Our institutions of learning are becoming playgrounds for criminals due to the inept Department of Education in not providing security at schools.

The robbery at Quarry Heights Primary School in Newlands East is yet another indication that crime is out of control in KwaZulu-Natal as criminals are targeting schools in a broad day light. Only a sharp change of direction will work. A government that doesn’t keep its citizens safe is failing in its basic duty. The stories we read, and the things we see daily in our Province and in other cities, are heart-breaking. It is time to act.

The IFP further believes that poor gun control contributes to the high murder and overall crime rate in this province. These statistics are nothing but an indication that guns are deeply ingrained in the society. Eradicating gun availability and accessibility is proving to be happening at a lower rate.

The IFP believes that a lot of attention should be given to the control of firearms. The current firearms control act has many loopholes that is being exploited which in turn is flooding this country with firearms which are ultimately ending up in the hands of criminals.

IFP KZN Spokesperson on Education,
Mrs Thembeni KaMadlopha-Mthethwa MPL,
071 884 3844 / 079 114 3015