IFP Statement of Level 3 Fishing Regulations

IFP spokesperson on Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries, Narend Singh, welcomes the announcement by the Minister of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries, Barbara Creecy, that under Level 3 regulations for the nationwide lockdown, all fishing – except charter fishing – is permitted. The IFP was strongly against the prohibition of subsistence fishing (which falls under recreational fishing in terms of existing legislation) under all previous levels, as it removed food from the tables of people who have, for generations, relied on fishing to survive.

Under Level 3, all fishers must ensure that they have a valid permit and adhere to all regulations related to health and safety. That is to say, social distancing must be practiced, sanitisation must be regular, movement must remain restricted to within provinces, and large groups or gatherings will not be allowed.

While the IFP welcomes these developments, as they secure the survival of an already vulnerable group in our society, the party will continue to fight for the recognition of subsistence fishers as a stand-alone group, deserving of protection under our legislation and human rights instruments.

Hon. Narend Singh, MP
IFP Spokesperson on Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries
083 788 5954