IFP Statement on Zululand District Municipality

On Thursday, 14 May 2020 the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs in KwaZulu-Natal tabled to the Zululand District Municipality a forensic investigation report in terms of section 106 of the Municipal Systems Act of 2000 on allegations of corruption, fraud and maladministration.

The IFP outrightly rejects, with the contempt it deserves, the report tabled to ZDM and considers this report to be a cheap, desperate and clear demonstration of abuse of power by the ANC in KwaZulu-Natal through the ANC controlled COGTA Department.

The IFP is fully aware of the ANC’s persistent salivation for control of the Zululand District Municipality and the lengths they are prepared to go to in this regard know no bounds.

The modus operandi of abusing state resources to advance a political agenda by the ANC is as old as history.

The IFP has received a comprehensive briefing from the Mayor of ZDM and the party in this regard is accordingly satisfied.

The allegations against the Mayor have zero basis. These allegations are glaringly trumped up and make a mockery of the legitimate fight against corruption, fraud and maladministration.

The IFP questions the professionalism and ethics of Mdledle Incorporated who were tasked to conduct the investigation as in all the allegations levelled against the Mayor not once was the Mayor interviewed or asked to put his side of the story. The forensic investigation has strangely been completed with findings and recommendations without the audi alterem partem rule being applied.

This deliberate oversight exposes the investigation for exactly what it is: a political witch hunt anchored in delusions of grandeur.

The IFP therefore has no intention of removing the Mayor on the basis of baseless allegations.
Moreover, the IFP expects the Municipal Council to take this farce of a report on review in the High Court.

The IFP remains committed to good governance and clean administration and the People of Zululand District must be assured of our highest consideration for their plight and accelerated service delivery.

HW Cllr Thami Ntuli
IFP KZN Chairperson
072 585 5000