IFP Supports Calls for Taiwan’s Participation in the World Health Organization

The Inkatha Freedom Party remains in full support of the Republic of China [Taiwan]’s participation in the World Health Organization.

IFP Chief Whip in Parliament, Mr Narend Singh, MP said, “The world is currently at a critical juncture in health care with the global outbreak of COVID-19. As one humanity we should be standing together to alleviate this and other dread diseases from our planet, yet sadly it appears that ‘Beijing’ continues to assert political pressure on the WHO to exclude Taiwan’s participation.”

“Having just returned from Taiwan, and having personally met and interacted with senior health officials in Taipei, I can personally attest to the high level of the healthcare system in Taiwan and to the great benefit Taiwan could contribute to the international healthcare community, if it were accorded WHO participatory status,”

“Additionally, the people of Taiwan are also at great health risk in not having their democratically elected government officials participate in the WHO which is a clear infringement of their universal right to health,”

“Taiwan has much to offer in terms of influenza prevention and can greatly assist not only China, but also the world in respect of a very good working model for national health insurance,”

The IFP therefore urges the WHO to reconsider its position on Taiwan, to not bow to political pressure from China and to place humanity and its health and welfare above and before geo-politics.

Mr Narend Singh, MP
083 788 5954