IFP uMhlathuze Constituency – Media Briefing

The month of August

The month of August is a very important month in the history of the IFP, KwaZulu-Natal and our country.

Our President was born in this important month, which coincides with Women’s month. The IFP in uMhlathuze joins millions of South Africans and the world in wishing His Excellency, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi a happy 91st Birthday for the 28th of August which we will celebrate later this month. We wish him  a long life as he continues to serve the people of our country. We urge all leaders  and public servants to learn from our leader as South Africa needs his leadership and wisdom.

The leadership in our constituency will run outreach programmes to celebrate the birthday our leader in the middle of this month.

Furthermore, we wish all women a happy women’s month and further urge all women to continue with the fight against all the challenges confronting them. The IFP remains committed to ideals of the emancipating women and freeing them of all forms of violence, abuse and trafficking.

We also mourn the passing away of our Comrade Zibani from Ward 11. We extend our sincerest condolences to his wife, children and all who knew him in the community. He never stopped serving his people as he sadly died on duty. May his soul rest in peace.

ANC Heroes Arch Project

The IFP notes that the ANC-led City of Umhlathuze wants to construct a Heroes Arch, wasting millions of rands on a vanity project.

Questions which need to be addressed by the ANC in the municipality are as follows:

  • As the IFP we know that this item is not in the IDP;
  • Why has the public not been consulted;
  • Who qualifies to be called a hero; and
  • Where is the budget going to come from?

We are opposed to this until the above issues are clarified.

We can’t support the prioritisation of the building of a hero’s arch when our people in Wards 31,32 and 33 do not have access to clean water, roads, housing and decent basic services.

Overtime Investigation – Public Protector

The IFP welcomes the tabling of the report on the investigation into the R10 million overtime paid to workers. The IFP has been very vocal about this both in council and outside. The report speaks to a number of administrative mistakes which should have been prevented such as the following:

  1. There are no records from the Mayors department, Protections services that were provided to the investigators i.e. Sekela Xabiso (this means that the amount that we see as R10 million rands could not be confirmed since other departments did not submit records for investigation. This shameful of the mayor because he must lead by example on issues like this. The question is why he did he not provide the information required for the investigation?
  2. Some of the recommendations are that the money can be recovered as the law allows.  We agree that all funds must be recovered which has been wrongfully paid-out.  But the question that remains is, who paid them this money when they were not supposed to be paid? The MFMA states that the expenditure of the municipality is the responsibility of the Accounting Officer or the Municipal Manager. Where was the Municipal Manager when these things were happening? He must answer to council and the public for the gross neglect in oversight.


The IFP in uMhlathuze believes that there is still more to be revealed about this issue and we have decided to write to the Office of the Public Protector for an investigation to be conducted in order to ensure that recommendations made are binding and are to be implemented swiftly by the council.

Our legal team is working on this matter right now as we cannot stand for corruption and turn a blind eye while our people continue to suffer to make ends meet in this Municipality.

Xolani Ngwezi MP
IFP Chairperson of uMhlathuze Constituency
076 975 5555