IFP warns against organised and reckless hunting of wild animals

The IFP warns against the actions of the hunters who are mercilessly killing wild animals for consumption, and for the purposes of selling their skins and hides.

Wildlife conservation in forests of Nkandla, Qhudeni, Ngotshe, Amatikulu and other surrounding areas are under attack, following the slaying of wild animals by so-called ‘hunters’. It is alleged that these criminals breed particular types of dogs in order to carry out their operations.

The IFP is firmly against the unlawful and unsupervised hunting of wild animals, as this can also lead to the extinction of endangered species. It is further alleged that those behind the wildlife killing operations are intimidating Ezemvelo Wildlife guards.

We call upon the law to intervene, and to bring the perpetrators to book – regardless of their status in the community – as there have been allegations that police officers are behind this destruction of mother nature. Local communities respect the fact that hunting should be a seasonal practice. However, senseless hunting will lead to permanent damage in the wildlife conservation cycle.

We call upon the local amakhosi and izinduna to work cooperatively with police to put an end to this self-serving, reckless behaviour of these so-called ‘hunters’.

Mr Blessed Gwala
IFP Spokesperson for Community Safety and Liaison in the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature
078 290 5842