The IFP is not surprised by the act of defiance and ignorance displayed by ANC leadership in KwaZulu-Natal by endorsing Sergeant Msizi Mabaso, who will be contesting the forthcoming by-elections on the 11th of November. Mabaso, who is fully employed by SAPS, took nine months unpaid leave, and is nominated by the ANC to stand as their Ward 84 candidate. We view this as a serious law violation as per South African Police Act.

The IFP stance is clear: taking leave is not enough – he must resign as police officer and stick to his political career. By virtue of accepting the nomination to stand for elections and partake in ANC campaigns, he is automatically disqualified to continue with a career in the police.

On many occasions this party has displayed dishonesty and the entrenchment of a cunning and destructive culture in society.

It is shameful that this party continues to reject the laws it has endorsed. What a twist of fate!

The South African Police Service Act of 2002 clearly states that “no police officer shall hold nor align itself with any post or office in a political party, organisation, movement or body”. The amended Public Service Act of 2004 allows other government employees to stand for elections – with the exception of police officers. Defence employees are guided and restricted by the Defence Act of 2002 and the Intelligence Service Act of 2002 prohibits intelligence employees from standing for elections.

This does not only cause confusion but could lead to the breakdown of the state’s arm of the law, as well as compromise safety and security regulations governing the country.

We hope South Africans are sober enough to see that the ANC is a double-standard party that does not care about law-abiding citizens and advocates for lawlessness.

Even senior leaders of this party are not ashamed. eThekwini Mayor, Cllr Mxolisi Kaunda, was doing a door-to-door campaign in Ward 84, where Mabaso will stand as their candidate. Even worse, ANC Secretary-General, Ace Magashule, is set to conduct a door-to-door campaign today in the same ward.

The IFP is still waiting for the results of the police’s internal investigation on the matter, as per Provincial Police Spokesperson Colonel Jay Naicker’s response in the 27 October 2020 issue of Isolezwe.

This also reflects badly on the IEC as an ANC-captured body, as it does not appear to have a policy in place that regulates police officers’ participation in elections. This was revealed by KwaZulu-Natal IEC Chairperson, Bridget Masinga, in the same issue of iSolezwe. The IFP has always been convinced that the IEC is not as independent as it claims to be, and it is very lenient, if not controlled by the ANC.

Mr Blessed Gwala, MPL
IFP Spokesperson for Community Safety and Liaison
078 290 5842