IFP Welcomes South Africa’s Election onto UN Security Council

The IFP welcomes South Africa’s election to serve on the United Nations Security Council for the 2019-2020 term in a Non-Permanent Seat capacity; and hope we, as South Africa, will champion for global human rights, freedom, democracy, peace and development.

The IFP expects South Africa to use this opportunity to further push for reforms in the Security Council to reflect the world of 2018 and beyond and not the rigid realities of 1945.

Furthermore, this is an opportunity to lobby further for world peace and pursue the agenda of silencing the guns. The escalating levels of global violence and terrorism and women and child abuse continues to be a pandemic and requires the keen attention of the Security Council.

The UN Security Council must now rise above the divides of the politics of allies and expediency which have been the bane of peace efforts around the world.

Moreover, South Africa must ensure that it places the African agenda for development, democracy and peace at the center to correct the wrongs and injustices of the past which manifested themselves through the global colonialisation of Africa.

The resolution of the impasse confronting Israel and Palenstine must become an urgent priority for the UN Security Council towards the realisation of the aspirations of the Two State Solution.
Similarly the plight of the oppressed People of Tibet, Taiwan and the Sahrawi Republic must receive serious attention.

The IFP wishes South Africa well in the execution of its duties and responsibilities in the UN Security Council.

Mkhuleko Hlengwa, MP
IFP Spokesperson on International Relations and Cooperation
071 111 0539