The IFP Women’s Brigade wishes all matriculants well for their final exams.

The IFPWB joins fellow South Africans in wishing the matric class of 2019 the best of luck with their exams.

The IFPWB would like to remind the learners that this is a crucial time to give their best shot as their performance will have an impact on their future career choices.

May you have all the strength and courage to complete the final step of your basic education. Stay calm and remember that you have worked very hard to prepare for this day. Your final matric marks determine your future; Do well in matric and the world is yours.

The IFPWB acknowledges the dedication of all teachers who have managed to overcome all circumstances that could have prevented them from educating learners.

We appeal to parents not to put too much pressure on them but to support them. We want all our learners to do well in the exams. Parents and society alike should put less pressure on children. Suicides occur when people expect too much and the child does not meet these expectations and feels that they can’t talk to their parents. Just remember that right now pupils are paving their way to university and paving their way to achieve their dreams. Their hard work will surely yield good results.

Be positive and maintain a strong belief that you do well. As the IFPWB we once again echo that timeless IFP Slogan “Education for Liberation” because it is through education that you shall be truly free and be able to secure a bright future for yourselves and for our country.

Goodluck. Make us proud.

Princess Phumzile Buthelezi MPL
IFPWB National Chairperson
073 216 0918