IFPYB: Job Creation Must Be At The Center Of Local Economic Development

The IFP Youth Brigade believes that the increasing levels of unemployment, which currently stand at 26,7% is a cause for grave concern, as it is South Africa’s youth that are hardest hit by this reality.

IFP Youth Brigade National Chairperson, Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP raised this concern whilst campaigning in Mzumbe in the Ugu District today.

“The ANC-led government has failed to provide job creation at a time when the economy continues to falter. We need a good strategy. We need thinkers working together on what will work. This government should have spearheaded job growth when it came into office a long time ago. Solving the job creation challenges in South Africa requires a different growth model. Private sector-led job creation and improvement of workers’ skills are essential to boost employment,” said Hlengwa

“As the national economy now creates fewer and fewer jobs and the top-down government job creation initiatives have proven to be ineffective, while policies geared towards bolstering youth employment through alternative means are essential. Economic growth should in practice, engender the conditions necessary for creating jobs. With this in mind, the appropriate combination of policies by government, together with partnerships between private businesses and non-profit sector, could lend a coordinated approach more capable of solving the issue,” continued Hlengwa.

“Programmes such as EPWP have proven that they cannot adequately address youth unemployment. The function of government should rather be to create an economic environment for business and entrepreneurs that has fewer barriers to entry; more effectively incentivises the private sector to implement skills development programmes for youth; and fosters attractive legislative and economic conditions that attracts levels of foreign direct investment, that can be parlayed into a more sustainable and diversified economy,” concluded Hlengwa.

The IFPYB will ensure that IFP-governed municipalities develop coordinated programmes of action, in support of investment-led growth strategies for rural communities. The programmes should aim, among other things, to build capacity at local level to design and implement policies for reducing poverty and creating jobs.”

Mkhuleko Hlengwa, MP
076 521 3221 or 071 111 0539.