Medical Parole Policy Must Be Reviewed

The IFP demands for a review of the current flawed policy regulating medical parole, following the multiple denials for medical parole for Clive Derby-Lewis, even though medical records prove that he is in a critical condition.

“Justice cannot be selective. It must be consistent, even with people we regarded as one’s opponents. It is clear that there is a loophole in the medical parole system which is being abused. We need to amend the system to ensure that only those who are actually critically ill are allowed to apply for early release on medical grounds. As it currently stands, medical parole is for those who are politically connected, like Shabir Shaik and others,” said IFP spokesperson on Correctional Services, Mr Albert Mncwango, MP.

“It seems the ANC cronies on the Parole Board are tough on crime – only if those who commit crimes are not ANC members and the friends of those in higher echelons. Otherwise, they get a free ride. Join the ANC if you are a criminal and you will hardly have to worry about serving a long term of imprisonment – even a 15 year sentence becomes a two year stay in a luxury hospital paid for by taxpayers” continued Mr Mncwango.

The IFP demands that the Minister of Correctional Services ensures that Clive Derby-Lewis and others of similar medical condition are offered medical parole. Failure to do so would give further credence to the notion that it is only for the politically connected.

Issued by:
Mr Albert Mncwango MP, IFP Spokesperson on Correctional Services, 083 448 4896