A Message From The President, To You.

Dear Friends and Fellow South Africans,

We have seen 25 years of hard-earned democracy; a quarter of a century. We are citizens of one country with one common voters roll. The basic human rights of all our people are enshrined in the Constitution.

But has the promise of freedom truly been fulfilled? Have we been empowered to achieve our highest aspirations? Has South Africa been able to take its rightful place as leader on the continent?

Sadly there is deep frustration in our country. Many, especially among the youth, are expressing anger over a broken promise. That anger is justified; but anger won’t create the solution. We have reached a point where all our energy must be channelled into bringing change for good. I am proud to give you the IFP’s manifesto for 2019. It’s not just about the coming elections, or even just the next five years of democracy. It’s about our sustainable future and that of our children.

This manifesto is a blueprint for fixing problems, so that we can create the social and economic justice South Africa deserves. I therefore invite you to consider this manifesto, to read it, talk about it and think about it. Then use it to make your voice heard in the most powerful way possible; by voting for the IFP.

“It’s time for a government that walks the talk.”

We are not here to spin the facts and tell you how good everything is. We have a great country, yes. South Africa is a vibrant, young, energetic and beautiful home. But there are problems. You know it and I know it. Thankfully it is within our power to fix it, if we’re willing to do what it takes. For far too long you have heard the slogan, “together we can do this or that”, while those doing the talking had their hands in your pocket. It’s time for a government that walks the talk. It’s time for leaders who know that a partnership means we all take responsibility. A leadership crisis and a crisis of corruption have landed us in dangerous waters. This past year has seen the depth of the rot exposed. But exposure is not enough. We feel the consequences of that rot.

We’re living with broken systems and dysfunctional processes, so that everything takes too long and is too difficult; from applying for a social grant to finding employment. This is what stands between us and freedom.

For women, freedom is even harder to achieve. South Africa remains unequal in practice, even if we are equal on paper. Women face not only discrimination, but abuse, violence and victimisation. The IFP is committed to changing gender dynamics, to empower women to take their rightful place as leaders in our nation. For the IFP, social cohesion and reconciliation are vital pursuits. South Africa is certainly a diverse society. But even if we are different, we are all South Africans. We have a shared future. So we must pull together in the same direction. We cannot place ourselves in a tug of war, with some on one side and some on the other. How can that ever win anything? There is no goal there but beating the other side, no reward other than winning. No; we need to all get on the same side and pull ourselves, with one effort, towards a shared goal. And that means working together.

Accordingly, the manifesto you hold in your hands tackles what all South Africans see as the biggest issues: economic policy, unemployment and job creation, land reform, crime and safety, health and social welfare, education, gender equality, housing and the environment. This is far from an exhaustive list of the issues facing our country, but this is our starting point.

“Social cohesion and reconciliation are vital pursuits.”

Running through all these issues is the problem of corruption, which has become so institutionalised that dealing with an individual here and there is no longer sufficient. The whole culture of corruption must be arrested and replaced with a system of ethical values.

Let me touch for a moment on land, because this is a defining issue for South Africa’s future. We are all in agreement that people need access to land, to produce food and to raise families in dignity and security. The question is how this objective should be pursued. First and foremost, it must not be used by political demagogues to pit people against each other. Equally importantly, whatever we do must be done in a way that protects and enhances the economy, so that we can secure social and economic justice for all.

Tragically, Government has failed us on this most fundamental issue. In 25 years, been redistributed to land claimants. We cannot wait for a failed government to start performing. We need to change the party, the values and the vision at the helm. Fortunately, we can do that. We do it with our votes.

“You deserve a leadership that is honest and good.”

The IFP is still saying “Trust Us”, because we are still the party you can trust. That promise is backed by more than 40 years of consistent, value-based leadership. We know how to make our country work.

So trust us and join us as we pursue social justice for all. Join us as we work for economic justice; for real relief and hope for every South African. You deserve a leadership that is honest and good. It’s time for change. VOTE IFP!

Yours in the service of our nation,