A Message From The President, To You.

Dear Friends and Fellow South Africans,

I am fully conscious of the great expectations that you and South Africa have of the IFP. But deep within me is a greater conviction than the responsibility to lead, and that is the conviction to serve. I assure you, that with your support, I am equal to the task; and together we the IFP are equal to the responsibilities and challenges ahead.

I believe that the most powerful weapon we have at our disposal at this point in the IFP’s history is our unity. It is this that makes our opponents tremble.

Ours is the voice that South Africans can trust. We are trusted to be reasonable, honest and constructive. We are the voice of social cohesion and national unity. We are the voice of the most vulnerable, and of those who are not heard in the discordant discourse of politics.

We must restore trust between people and politics. This means we must be firmly rooted amongst the people anew, for the people are our masters and we are their servants.

We in the IFP will listen, and importantly we will do… we will act… we will work… we will serve!

We are called upon to improve the daily lived realities of our people by working with them and working for them.

Hereinafter the letters “IFP” must individually and collectively mean I’m For People, I’m For Progress and I’m For Purpose.

The IFP must champion the fight for justice.

We will meet injustice with justice.

We will meet government failures with successful solutions.

We will restore hope for our people by doing well wherever we govern.

We will replace the ANC’s failing government with a successful IFP government.

We will replace divisions with unity and teamwork.

The IFP has been endlessly resilient. We have remained as a significant player on the political landscape because of the strong relationship we have built over so many years with the people we serve. It is time now to reap the harvest of that relationship, for the sake of saving South Africa.

Today I am making a clarion call to all those that love South Africa to join hands in partnership with the IFP to fix that which is broken in our country, and to strengthen that which is functional.

To those who hate hatred; join the IFP.

To those who stand against racism and tribalism; the IFP is your home.

To those that want South Africa to grow and prosper; partner with the IFP

To those fighting patriarchy and gender-based violence, let us fight together against these ills.

To those that love this country and want that which is good for this country; we in the IFP are your partners.

My clarion invitation goes out to all South Africans, black, white, Indian and coloured.

The IFP is the home of all; the Xhosas, the Pedis, the Vendas, the Zulus, the Afrikaners, the Ndebeles, the Tswanas and the Sothos. The IFP is the home of diversity, and the paragon of National Unity and Social Cohesion.

Make no mistake, South Africa needs saving. We are on the brink of economic collapse and are burdened with unethical leadership. It is common cause that South Africa’s economy has not served the best interests of our people. The political freedom we enjoy is half baked for it has not translated into economic and social justice. The elaborate plans of government have not worked. South Africans do not work. We must get South Africa working.

Freedom without jobs, is injustice and indignity.

Freedom without opportunity is injustice and hopelessness.

Freedom without accountability is injustice.

When in a free and democratic South Africa there is no impactful change in the material socio-economic conditions of our people, then those that govern are guilty of recycling back into the system the oppression, poverty and indignity of our people that we as the IFP have historically struggled against.

As President, I call on you Comrades to rise up for the good of the country we love. Let us take forward our Party’s historic mission into the future; that mission being the struggle for freedom for the politically, socially and economically oppressed.