IFP: Approach to Address Crime in KZN Cannot Be ‘Business As Usual’

Aug 21, 2023 | Press Releases

The IFP, as the Official Opposition in the KZN Legislature, calls on authorities to provide a detailed plan - with tangible solutions - to address crime in KZN.

Although the Crime Statistics Report revealed that the number of murders in the province decreased from 1 623 to 1 584 cases, we are not satisfied. Inanda and Umlazi have been identified as the number one and number two areas with the highest murder rates respectively, both in the country and the province.

It is an increasingly intolerable fact of life in this province - and country - that hardly a day passes without us hearing of yet another murder, rape, abduction, hijacking or burglary.

It cannot be a ‘business as usual’ approach, with piecemeal efforts, as gun-toting criminals do as they please in our society.

The IFP calls upon the relevant authorities to step up and stop the senseless killings in KZN, in areas such as Umlazi and Inanda. Recently, seven people were killed in Umlazi, which will become a no-go area due to always being in the news for the wrong reasons.

We implore KZN authorities to unlock the political will to tackle the crime that has engulfed the province.

Political leadership and a commitment to fight crime at the highest levels are a prerequisite for initiating and sustaining reforms over time, until results are achieved.

We cannot afford to have communities turned into no-go areas due to criminals. Why has it taken for so long for the authorities to address crime?

The IFP calls for an urgent assessment of Umlazi and Inanda Police Stations to ascertain whether they are equipped with the necessary resources to deal with high rates of crime. If not, more resources must be provided.

It must further be investigated whether any police officers and local communities are colluding with criminals in pursuing these criminal activities.

There needs to be a clear understanding of trends related to the killings – the locations, crime hot spots, and the possible causes.

The increasing availability of weapons has helped drive rising insecurity and crime in KZN, where guns are commonly used to commit a range of crimes. The IFP believes that the police must work towards eradicating illegal guns to ensure that the province is freed from ruthless criminals.

It is the duty of the authorities to launch a thorough investigation on arms syndicates: whether guns used by criminals to kill are smuggled into the province, or if syndicates collude with gun sellers to buy illegal guns.

The IFP is fully aware that crime cannot be reduced by focusing solely on catching and convicting those who have already committed crimes, vital as that is.

Crime is also reduced through prevention; by tackling the risk factors that drive crime in society. In order for the police to do their job well, they need the public’s cooperation. Government therefore needs to help the public to become more involved in keeping their communities safe.

Criminals have no respect for human life. Criminals who torment communities need to be identified, arrested, and thrown in jail. Their violent acts not only place the lives of innocent law-abiding citizens in danger, but also contribute to increased levels of crime.
Mr Blessed Gwala MPL
IFP KZN Provincial Spokesperson for Community Safety and Liaison
078 290 5842

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