IFP Calls for Anti-bullying Summit in KZN

Nov 22, 2023 | Press Releases

The IFP, as the Official Opposition in the KZN Legislature, calls on the KZN MEC for Education, Mbali Frazer, to urgently convene an Anti-Bullying Summit to address bullying in schools across the province. This, after a video emerged on social media site, TikTok, where a grade 11 learner from eMpephose High School in the King Cetshwayo District claims to have been bullied for months by another pupil in her grade.

Bullying must stop in schools.

The bullying incident at eMpephose High School is a reminder of the serious problem of bullying in KZN. It is important to speak out against bullying and take steps to prevent it. Learners must be able to learn in an environment without fear of being bullied. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable and must be addressed quickly whenever it arises.

The government needs to invest in anti-bullying programmes and create a more supportive environment for learners. Schools need to have clear anti-bullying policies and procedures in place, and they need to be properly implemented. School authorities must play a key role in addressing bullying by instituting measures to serve as a deterrent to bullies. The authorities must proactively adopt measures that will discourage this despicable act in their schools.

Parents also need to be aware of the signs of bullying and take steps to intervene.

It is an undisputed fact that school-related violence in all its forms is an infringement on children’s rights to education, health and wellbeing. Action must be taken against the bullies that are holding schools to ransom. Learners must know that they will not be permitted to abuse other learners. Such behaviour must be weeded out.

The KZN MEC for Education, Mbali Frazer, must make it clear that bullies have no place in our schools. She must draw a line in the sand, through strict codes of conduct and disciplinary measures.

We call upon her to present a detailed plan on how she intends to deal decisively with bullying in schools.

In a separate incident, the IFP once again calls for calls for the KZN Education MEC to provide stricter security measures in KwaZulu-Natal schools. This comes after a teacher is alleged to have been brutally attacked by trespassers who gained unauthorised entry to Muziwamandla High School in uMlazi on Monday.

As the IFP we have been calling – and will continue to call – for the installation of metal detectors, cameras and well-trained security personnel to ensure that whoever gains access to schools do not have any dangerous weapons with them. The suspects who gained access to the school would have been stopped if such security measures were in place.

We would like to state that the safety of learners and teachers is of paramount importance to the IFP and extend our best wishes to the injured teacher for a speedy recovery.

Mrs Thembeni Kamadlopha-mthethwa MPL
IFP Chief Whip in the KZN Legislature and IFP KZN Provincial Spokesperson on Education
071 884 3844 / 079 114 3015

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