IFP: DA attempt to quash plurality of voices unacceptable

Oct 20, 2021 | Elections, Press Releases

The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) has taken note of the utterances and posters by the Democratic Alliance (DA), calling on South Africans not to vote for smaller parties and, as they claim, “throw away their vote”.

As the IFP, we would like to call out the DA for these arrogant claims and remind them of our Constitution, which calls for a plurality of voices, as well as unity in diversity. We would also like to remind the DA that they themselves often rely on smaller parties for support in areas where they govern in coalitions.

Further, we would like to say to the electorate: don’t throw away your vote on a party that is fast losing support and credibility.

We invite voters to invest their vote where it will deliver results – with the IFP – on 1 November 2021.

The IFP exists to serve the people of South Africa, and we have an excellent track record of service delivery where we govern. We offer the people a credible alternative, backed by 46 years of experience, and service to South Africa in all spheres of government: at national, provincial, and local level.

The IFP is a growing party and will be taking many Wards in the upcoming elections, where the people on the ground know that the IFP is a party they can trust.

Ultimately, the choice on Election Day lies with the electorate, many of whom have been pushed aside or ignored by the ruling party and the official opposition for the past five years. In stark contrast, voters can trust the IFP to take their concerns to heart and to provide reliable, corruption-free governance and efficient service delivery.

Hon. Narend Singh, MP
IFP National Campaign Committee Chairperson
083 788 5954

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