It’s not too late to turn the tide on plastic pollution

By Hon. N. Singh
Spokesperson on Environmental Affairs

Note to Editors: This statement follows the global celebration of World Oceans Day marked on 8 June 2018.

The IFP calls on all South African’s not only living alongside our coast to make small modifications to everyday habits that will make a difference in keeping our beaches, and the ocean at large clean and free from plastic.

According to a World life Fund (WWF) report published on Friday, coinciding with World Oceans Day, the Mediterranean had record levels of micro-plastics – tiny pieces of plastic less than five millimetres in size which can be found increasingly in the food chain and pose a threat to human health. “The concentration of micro-plastics is nearly four times higher” in the Mediterranean compared with open seas elsewhere in the world.

In order to prevent such a catastrophe occurring in our seas, South Africans must unite in keeping our oceans clean. Our coastline, stretching more than 2,500 kilometres from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean, must be preserved.

The IFP encourages all South Africans to stop using single use plastic bags, bottles and straws and dumping them illegally.

Plastic trash is a serious problem for our ocean, especially all the animals that call it home.

Working together, we can and will protect our shared ocean, it is our duty and we can be part of the solution. It’s never too late to turn the tide against plastic pollution, let’s not just wait on the government, let’s start at home, in our communities and on our beaches, rivers, and near our scarce water resources.

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