On the Discovery of Another Body in Mthwalume

Statement by Hon Velenkosini Hlabisa, MPL
President of the Inkatha Freedom Party
on the Discovery of Another Body in Mthwalume

It is with grave sadness and pain that we have received news that another body of a female victim has been found in Mthwalume following the discovery of 5 other bodies in the recent weeks.

On 16 August 2020 I joined the families of the victims at a prayer organized by the IFP at Mthwalume.

To now think that the list of victims is growing but yet the investigations are moving at a snails pace adds to the pain.

Clearly the “suicide” by the alleged perpetrator raises more questions than answers. It was not a coincidence and the discovery of another body indicates that a syndicate is at play in Mthwalume.

The women of Mthwalume, as are the women of the rest of our Country, are under siege.

It pains me to know that South Africa is one of the most dangerous countries for women and children to live in. This is our country. These are our people. And they are being hurt and slaughtered.

We have said, “Enough is enough”. We have asked “Am I next?” In my own heart, the word that echoes against gender-based violence is simply “NO”.

This cannot happen. It must be stopped.

Today, yet again, we are calling on our Government to stop their empty rhetoric and to start doing what needs to be done. There is an alarming disjuncture between what our women endure, and what our Government does in response. Action has been wholly inadequate.

How many more women and children must be killed before the government will act?

The IFP extends its deepest and most sincere condolences to the bereaved family.

The government owes South African women justice!

Hon Velenkosini Hlabisa MPL
President of the Inkatha Freedom Party
083 974 5783