Education is a necessary condition for sustainable, effective development. It is the most potent tool with which to bridge the inequalities in our society, place our people at the centre of our move into the future, and secure our rightful place in the global community.

The IFP Will champion:

  • Free, quality Early Childhood Development, Primary, Secondary and Higher Education, and training for all our people.
  • Prioritise Early Childhood Education under Basic Education.
  • Re-evaluate and capacitate rural and township schools that were previously closed, due to non-viability or nonperformance.
  • Free scholar transport and effective nutrition schemes in all public schools. Better pay and better working conditions for all teachers, including Grade R teachers.
  • The development of high-tech classrooms-of-the-future where all learners are introduced to the skills needed for future work placement.
  • Reopening teacher training colleges.
  • Regular maintenance and additional school infrastructure for development -including sport, libraries and facilities for the arts.
  • Encourage greater support for non-governmental organisations (NGO) and non-profit organisations (NPO) who deliver vital services on behalf of the State.
  • Provide security at all schools.
  • Provide adequate facilities and support for learners with special needs.
  • Enforce discipline in schools.