A healthy, sustainable environment is crucial to the achieving socio-economic development goals in a transitioning economy, both for current and future generations. South Africa needs authentic, courageous political leadership in the environmental arena to ensure that socioeconomic transformation is built on a sustainable base.

The IFP Will champion:

  • Effective environmental governance and climate resilient development measures
  • Support and enable legislation and regulation that provides for the sustainable use of natural resources through sector specific planning in the marine, terrestrial and aerial ecosystems
  • Support greater protection of flora and fauna, as well as the increase and further allocation of marine and terrestrially protected areas, whilst taking into account the unique needs of subsistence communities within such protected areas
  • Ban single use plastics
  • Ensure that renewable energy sources are fully developed as a part of South Africa’s energy supply’ mix in order to sustainably contribute to the increasing energy requirements of our developing country.
  • Criminalize the practice of ‘canned’ or ‘captive bred’ lion hunting in all manner and form.
  • Create specialist wildlife courts staffed with skilled magistrates and prosecutors in order to more effectively adjudicate and prosecute wildlife crime such as trafficking in rhino horn.