Our Plan

Trust us. We work for you.

In our free democratic society, our votes determine our fate. The results of this election will have a far-reaching impact, affecting this generation and the next. With the stakes so high, the IFP asks you to partner with us to secure the best possible future.

“With our proven track record of service, delivery and integrity, we ask you to Trust Us. We ask for your vote.”

We hold South Africa to be one indivisible nation; a diverse society with a shared destiny. There is no secure future for one segment of society, while another remains disempowered. There is no urban future that excludes rural communities. There is no industrialist future that excludes labourers. Our common destiny demands a high degree of common purpose.

The IFP considers ubuntu/botho the foundation of all human interaction. Accordingly, we have respect, compassion and empathy for everyone, recognising that human dignity is intrinsic to all. As political leaders and representatives, we are the servants of the people. The IFP seeks to serve because we know, from experience, that we are better able to administer governance, manage resources and address needs than those presently at the helm. Our country has accomplished much since 1994. But political freedom has not delivered social and economic justice for all our people.

We have the most pronounced levels of inequality in the world, and because of our history, our inequalities have a strong racial undertone. Our economy has stagnated over a number of years, reducing the ability of government to raise revenue and causing devastating levels of unemployment, especially amongst the youth. Corruption, especially in government, coupled with inefficiency and apathy, has eroded the capacity of government to deliver on its most immediate mandates. As a result the most vulnerable amongst us have been robbed of opportunities for development and advancement.

“Levels of crime and violence are staggering, particularly against women and children.”

Indeed there are endless challenges facing South Africa. As a starting point to get this country working again, the IFP is focussing on key areas, based on the most pressing needs.There is no one better equipped to understand the needs of the people, than the people themselves. The IFP is a champion of federalism because we believe in putting power directly into the hands of the people.

“It is because of the IFP’s firm stand during negotiations for democracy that South Africa has provinces at all.”

Ours is a culturally diverse society and pluralism can be our greatest strength. Because we are one nation, constituted of many different parts, we need everyone’s contribution to create a shared future of security, justice and hope. The IFP exists to serve you. We are your partners in building that future.

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