President Jacob Zuma Has Lost The Spirit Of Ubuntu

The IFP believes that President Jacob Zuma has lost the spirit of Ubuntu by his delays in releasing the Marikana Report.

“President Zuma needs to invoke the spirit of Ubuntu. He needs to embrace the lifelong practices of Ubuntu that were observed long ago by our own fathers and forefathers. By delaying the release of the Marikana Report the president is labelling himself as a person who doesn’t care about the pains felt by those who lost their loved ones in the Marikana Massacre. A month would have been enough time for Zuma to study the report, but asking for three months to do so is irrational and incomprehensible,” said IFP National Chairperson, Mr Blessed Gwala.

“He was quick to set up the commission of inquiry and therefore there should be no reason for him to delay in releasing the report. His delaying tactics will cause everyone to be convinced that he is busy doctoring or amending some important aspects of the report in order to protect those who might be responsible for the tragedy. One wonders what would have happened if it was his family members or relatives or his key supporters who died at Marikana. Would he behave in the same manner and delay releasing the report?’ continued Mr Gwala.

“We request that if President Jacob Zuma believes in the Spirit of Ubuntu and cares about the victims and their loved ones he must revisit his decision to release the report at the end of this month and releases it urgently without any further delay. We are aware that if it was time for national election, he would have released the report, but because he has no pressure to be elected as the President he has no rush. As the president of our country Zuma should not play with peoples’ lives,” concluded Mr Gwala.

The IFP encourages the affected families to remain strong and reconsider their political affiliations because the ANC, including its president has failed them during their darkest hour.

Issued by: Mr Blessed Gwala, IFP National Chairperson, 078 290 5842

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