Prince Buthelezi Apologises on Behalf of Our Nation

In the midst of escalating xenophobic attacks in various places across South Africa, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, President of the IFP, has expressed the apology owed by our nation, yet disturbingly withheld by our nation’s leaders.

Following the release of detailed comment in his online newsletter today (available here) Prince Buthelezi issued the following message to all foreign nationals on South African soil –

“Today I am ashamed to be South African. We have trampled the very Constitution that places our country at the forefront of human rights’ protection.

I apologise unreservedly on behalf of every citizen who has involved themselves in the looting of shops and businesses, and the targeting of foreign nationals for intimidation and violence. I apologise on behalf of every official and law enforcement officer who has failed to protect your property and person and uphold your constitutional rights. And I apologise on behalf of the leaders in authority who have not challenged xenophobia in our nation with the rigour it demands.

I make this apology as a former Minister of Home Affairs, under whose leadership we first opened our doors to migration. I do so as a Member of Parliament and as President of the Inkatha Freedom Party, which upholds the values of inclusiveness and equality. Fundamentally, I do so as a human being.

On behalf of my country, and with deep shame, I apologise to our brothers and sisters who have been victims of such criminal and contemptuous behaviour on South African soil.

I call on my fellow compatriots to examine their conscience, and I call on my nation’s leaders to act now to end xenophobia.”

CONTACT: Ms Liezl van der Merwe MP

Media Liaison to the IFP President

082 729 2510