Report-back meeting between residents of Ilovu Transit Camp and IFP KZN MPLs following meeting of 29/01/2020


On 29 January 2020, IFP Members of the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature visited the iLovu Transit Camp, following complaints received from the residents about the conditions in which they were living. Having listened to their problems and complaints, the MPLs promised to take them up with relevant authorities and then come back to the community in two weeks’ time to report.

Today, Joshua Mazibuko, Member of KZN Legislature and Dr Edward Mngadi, eThekwini Councillor returned to the same community to give them a report on what they (leaders) had done since their first meeting. In his report, Mazibuko indicated that he:

Wrote to Hon. Peggy Nkonyeni; MEC for Human Settlements about the matter on 30/01/20. He said he is certain that the MEC received the letter because her PA, Ms. P. Maphanga, in the email of 03/02/20, committed that she would print the copy and give it to the MEC on the same day. However, up to now there has been no response from the MEC’s Office

Wrote to Mr. Lawrence Pato, Acting Head of Housing in eThekwini Municipality on 30/01/20. Mr. Pato responded on 03/02/20 and indicated that he would submit to Mazibuko a report on the matter. Unfortunately, no report came. Realizing yesterday that Mr. Pato’s report had not come, Mazibuko phoned Mr. Pato who promised to forward the report.

However, by this morning (13/02/20), the report had not arrived. Mazibuko then sent text and what sup messages to Mr. Pato reminding him yet again about his undertaking to send the report. Unfortunately, Pato did never responded to Mazibuko’s messages.

The residents thanked the leaders for keeping their word and for their efforts. They acknowledged that the community meeting which took place on 04/02/20 was obviously a damage-control tactic by eThekwini Municipality leadership. They indicated that meeting with Municipality officials who included Mr. Lawrence Pato, however yielded no tangible results for them. Hence, they still needed IFP MPLs to be involved in efforts to solve their problems.

The residents also took a resolution that they are not married to Ilovu. They are willing to settle anywhere as long as it is within eThekwini.

The MPL and Councillor then promised to convey that resolution to relevant authorities and come back after a month to report.