SADESMO Calls on SASCO to Focus on Issues That Will Improve Higher Education

The South African Student Congress should stop damaging higher education by politicising it. We believe that it is irresponsible for immature politicians to intervene in the naming of higher education institutions.

“We, the South African Democratic Students Movement (Sadesmo), an IFP-aligned student organization, have rejected this – and we will reject it to the end. We believe that the ANC is now using its student organisation to fight its battle with the IFP. We believe that SASCO is misguided and mischievous in using the conflicts at other universities, to now try and put pressure on Durban’s Mangosuthu University of Technology. SASCO should start focusing on the improvement and upgrading of higher education institutions, and start promoting the interests of students in need,” said the SADESMO Secretary General, Mr Sizwe Simelane.

“It is now coming to the point where the ANC puts freedom first and forgets about the issues in education. SASCO is ignoring the issues of education and the needs of higher education students, but calling for name changes at institutions. Will the name change help students with financing their studies, and put them in a good position get good jobs once they have qualified?” asked Simelane.

“We have never seen this organization standing up for education at universities, or encouraging the government to work with students that are unable to pay for their education. We also want to ask SASCO to please clarify; who do they serve? Is it students, or the ruling party? It seems to only raise senseless issues that have no good impact on the students’ studying programme. Changing the names of institutions must only be discussed by the leaders who were involved in the apartheid struggle,” continued Mr Simelane.

“We believe that issues that will be faced by students next year are not being dealt with. We as SADESMO see no point in name changes that will have no beneficial impact on our education. We call on students not to involve themselves in activities that will not advance their education and future prospects,” concluded Mr Simelane.

Issued by:
SADESMO National Secretary General,
Sizwe Simelane 073 022 1064 or 079 825 449

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IFP Media Liaison Officer, 073 522 1786