SASCO Rigged TUT Soshanguve SRC Elections

Tshwane University of Technology SADESMO leadership is rejecting the outcome of Soshanguve Local SRC results. SRC elections took place in all TUT campuses on the 27th of August and lot transpired in these elections.

‘We reject the elections results on the bases that we feel these elections were not free and fair especially at Soshanguve North Campus .We have proof that SASCO was busing none students to go and vote on the day, 8 pupils have confessed that they were have voted in these elections while they are students at Tshwane north college .They say SASCO was giving them students cards and give them free meal, airtimes and three different SASCO tshirts in quest for them to vote for SASCO and shoot ballot papers with their smart phones as proof that they have honored the deal ‘said Sthembiso Ka Shandu.

This came not as a surprise to us as we know how SASCO was desperate to win these elections even if numbers are not agreeing ,as SADESMO leadership will feel that we will be doing crime against our political and human conscience shall we allow SASCO to get away with this . ‘This is not only the case we also rejecting these results on the bases that the overall number of votes does not correspond with numbers of people who voted for different structures, it it said that 2000 students voted SoshanguveNorth campus but when combining all structures votes it does not give this 2000’ Shandu continued.

This alone does not need a rocket scientist to see that these elections were rigged ,Monday we have submitted our letter of rejecting these SRC results and we waiting to hear response before Wednesday.

We will never rest until justice is served ,we cannot stand still while democracy is not allowed to fill the space in our campus .SASCO shall be charged for doing this and the appointed company shall be investigated if it was also involved in this it shall receive what it deserve .

Shandu concludes ‘On Wednesday at Soshanguve South Campus building 10-211 we will have a meeting with our constituency to report back to them and seek to come up with way forward on what will happen next ,in this meeting we will be presenting all the facts and proof we have, all members of the media are invited to attend.’

Issued by :

Sthembiso Ka Shandu Gauteng SADESMO leader


Sizwe Smelane SADESMO national Secretary