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The brutality of Mr Brendin Horner’s murder in Senekal, in the Free State, has had a knock-on effect on South Africa. While murder, violence, farm attacks and brutality are terrible daily realities in our country, this murder has sparked a tinder box of racial tension which, instead of being quickly dampened, has been fuelled by further aggressive confrontations.

South Africans are being polarised by events in Senekal at a time when we desperately need to unite, both to heal social wounds and to rebuild our ravaged economy.

The IFP calls for calm and for sober minds to prevail. We condemn violence in any form, for any reason, and we urge community leaders, the police, government and citizens to stem the tide of this crisis in Senekal. We also recognise that Senekal is a microcosm of what racial tensions could become if they are not dealt with openly, appropriately, calmly and in good faith.

South Africa needs a rational and inclusive discussion on the escalating violence in our society. We cannot meet violence with violence and be ready to draw knives at every turn. Ours is a democracy founded on negotiations and discussions around a shared table. It is in that same spirit that we need to talk about farm murders and all violent crime.

What is happening on our farms has a severe impact, particularly now as we seek to reconstruct South Africa’s economy. The devastation wrought by a global pandemic, on top of a decade of economic decline, has thrown us into crisis. The threat of starvation is real and food security is paramount. We cannot afford to compromise our agricultural sector.

The IFP believes that reconciliation and social cohesion are vital to South Africa’s survival, and indeed, to the survival of our region. Violent posturing, dog-whistling and threats can only end in destruction. The ramifications for our fractured society and our damaged economy will be dire.

Accordingly, the IFP is readily available to mediate between our people, to ensure the de-escalation of tensions. We as South Africans are in this crisis together. We must work together to survive and heal.

DATE 19 October 2020

CONTACT The Hon. Mr Mkhuleko Hlengwa MP
IFP National Spokesperson
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