The IFP Youth Brigade Congratulates the 2019 Matric Class

The Inkatha Freedom Party’s Youth Brigade (IFPYB) wishes to congratulate all learners who have passed and obtained their Matric senior certificates in 2019. Your recipe for success will become your foundation as you face life’s endeavours.

To those learners who did not pass or achieve the outcome they were expecting, we urge you to remain motivated and continue your journey to find your potential. Let this difficult time not be the final chapter to your success in life. There are many opportunities that life offers in different guises which yield prosperous returns. Do not turn to despair and hopelessness as there you have another chance to return to school in 2020.

To the parents and teachers, we thank you for your hard work, sacrifices and leadership that have driven the success of our current education system and learners in 2019. Your foundational and continuous support of our learners will build a stronger and more inclusive South Africa. Teachers and parents of learners who did not achieve a pass, are encouraged to remain a pillar of support to the youth. Your support and encouragement will only drive the future success of these learners and not breakdown their courage to positively shape their lives.

The South African Democratic Movement (SADESMO) will welcome those students who have performed exceptionally into tertiary institutions. We call on your excellence to be further amplified at these institutions through innovation and diligence. Your membership at these tertiary institutions is a great privilege for the nation and for yourselves, as this great opportunity is currently only limited to a small percentage.

We as the IFPYB will continue to fight for the cause of a sound and just education system that sufficiently prepares the youth to build, lead and ensure a prosperous South Africa. Finally, the IFPYB calls on the Matric learners of 2020 to seek appropriate mentors in their preparations for the upcoming year and wishes them all the best in a year that promises to be challenging.

Mthokozisi Nxumalo, MP
IFP Youth Brigade Leader
072 819 5153