To The Editor from Mr Blessed Gwala MP, IFP National Chairperson

The Editor

Dear Sir:
The ANC’s actions in Nkandla are proof that it is responsible for the so-called no-go areas in KwaZulu Natal, the IFP said today.

This comes as the ANC pelted EFF supporters with stones and bottles as they tried to enter Nkandla over the weekend.

One wonders what outspoken anti-IFP commentators like Mary de Haas will say now that we have proof that it is the ANC who are responsible for creating no-go areas in KwaZulu Natal.

We hope that those who always blame the IFP for creating no-go areas would take note of these developments.

The IFP is always made a scapegoat by the media and commentators alike whenever there is any upheaval in KwaZulu Natal – despite the fact that our opponents are often the transgressors. The IFP is committed to free and fair elections and democracy, something the ANC clearly has an aversion to. These developments certainly do not bode well for the upcoming elections.