To ‘The Sunday Tribune’ from Albert Mncwango MP

The Editor
The Sunday Tribune
Via email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Dear Sir:
In their article “IFP at war with itself” (Sunday Tribune: 10 October) Matthew Savides and Nathi Oliphant quote the opinions of a political analyst to claim that the IFP is on a sinister campaign to “purge party members aligned to (its) national chairwoman”. But lacking basic research, the article is grossly misleading.

As a party we have not shied away from admitting that the upcoming 2011 local government elections will be make or break for the IFP. We have therefore embarked on a process of redeploying leaders to strengthen our internal party machinery.

Councilor Thembi Nzuza’s removal as the IFP’s Caucus leader in eThekwini was in line with our 2011 modus operandi, and has no bearing on her position as a senior leader. She remains the IFP’s sole representative on the eThekwini Metro’s Exco, she serves on the IFP’s National Executive Committee and National Council, and she leads the IFP Women’s Brigade.

However, in recent months, Mrs Nzuza has for personal reasons been unable to attend to her Party responsibilities and has failed to attend important meetings. It is therefore not surprising that she feels “completely surprised” by the carefully considered decision to reduce her considerable burden of duties.

The Durban Metro, KwaZulu Natal’s biggest metro, will be hotly contested in 2011 and it was important for the IFP to appoint another person to focus solely on driving the work of the IFP Caucus in the eThekwini Municipality. Mr Mdu Nkosi is the right man for job and has been appointed the new Caucus chair.

Claims in the Sunday Tribune that we are purging members based on their support of our National Chairperson are purely figments of the media’s imagination. Our Constitution does not prohibit support for leaders and all disciplinary action is based on our Constitution. We therefore urge the Sunday Tribune to get its facts right, and to refrain from inventing stories which have no factual basis.

Albert Mncwango MP
IFP National Organiser