Traffic Police Must Ensure Sanity on Our Roads

During festive season the IFP witnessed traffic police patrolling our roads to make sure that unruly motorists are arrested and it calls for more road blocks even after the festive season is over, because piecemeal efforts to enhance road safety will never solve the problem.

“Even though there was police visibility during the festive season, we have recorded many deaths and serious accidents. We earnestly appeal to the authorities to continue deploying more traffic police officers to ensure sanity on our roads. The common causes of road accidents are speeding, overloading and alcohol consumption. If we have roadblocks on almost all major routes and have police visibility 24/7, road accidents can be reduced,” said IFP National Chairperson, Mr Blessed Gwala, MPL.

“The former Minister of Transport, Mr Sbu Ndebele speaking at the passing out of the National Traffic Intervention Unit in 2011 admitted that our road network is poorly policed because enforcement authorities are focusing on their own networks, only occasionally venturing onto national roads. One wonders, where are these members of National Traffic Intervention Unit if our people continue to die on our roads?” continued Mr Gwala.

“The IFP would like to propose the following to the government: that the monetary fines should be increased to the extent that a fined person really feels penalised and not dare to repeat the mistake, traffic authorities must conduct random and ongoing road blocks to check vehicle road worthiness, as well as driver competence. This can help determine whether such drivers truly acquired their license through the proper channels. Relevant authorities must institute a road maintenance strategy whereby all major roads will be checked weekly to ensure that damage is quickly identified and repaired; all missing/obscured road signs are replaced to ensure the safety of road users,” concluded Mr Gwala.

The IFP also believes that reducing traffic fatalities is not just a question of installing safety features such as road signs, pedestrian crossings and speed bumps. It is about changing behaviour.

Issued by:
Mr Blessed Gwala, IFP National Chairperson, 078 290 5842

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