Umuziwabantu Municipality heads to court for negligent decisions

Umuziwabantu Local Municipality will once again be abusing the taxpayer’s money to fund the legal costs of their own negligent decisions and appetite for power when considering the appointment of an unqualified Municipal Manager (MM).

This comes after the summons from the High Court to the Municipality for making this appointment.

The IFP had on many occasions stated our objections and dissatisfaction to the appointment of an unqualified MM.

Our warning to the Mayor and the Leadership in council fell on deaf ears as they steamrolled through the process and took a decision to hire Mr West Gumede as the  MM.

During the appointment process and our calls being ignored to not appoint a MM –The IFP wrote to the KZN MEC of COGTA, but with haste the Mayor decided to remove the current acting MM, Reshwant Brijraj.

It is clear that the Mayor is abusing her powers in favouring a candidate whom did not meet the requirements for the post of MM.

The IFP is reliably informed that correspondence had been made from the COGTA MEC’s Office and even the then National Minister of COGTA Hon. Zweli Mkhize cautioned the municipality from making this appointment earlier this year.

The ANC in the municipality appeared hell-bent on pushing through an appointment, abusing their powers in council and flouting regulations.

Furthermore, during a Council Sitting on the 8 August 2019, it was concluded that the  municipality will pay for the legal costs as the case is set to begin next month.

Once again, despite raising our objection to abusing taxpayers hard-earned money to cover the costs of litigation, the money for legal fees should have been borne by the ANC leadership in the province as it was their decision.

Residents within the municipality are suffering will continue to further bear the brutal brunt of poor leadership, mismanagement and indulgent and selfish politicians in the municipality.

These funds could have been better spent in addressing service delivery concerns of the many community protests which are currently ongoing.

The IFP will continue to monitor developments in this regard and we will intensify our efforts in holding the executive leadership of the municipality to account. Our people do not deserve this and we will continue to serve residents with integrity and honesty.

Vuyiselwa Sambo Vezi
IFP CAUCUS Leader in Umuziwabantu Local Municipality
083 995 9203