Urgent Security Concerns for His Majesty the King

Statement by
Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi MP
Inkosi of the Buthelezi Clan and
Traditional Prime Minister to the Zulu Monarch and Nation

I am deeply distressed by news coming from KwaKhangelamankengane Royal Palace that members of the SAPS VIP Protection Unit have just been instructed to withdraw. They will therefore no longer provide security for His Majesty the King. It is understood that those at the Palace will withdraw tonight, while those providing security where His Majesty will be staying tonight, will withdraw in the morning.

Neither I nor His Majesty the King, nor any other member of the Royal Family, have been informed of this decision by Government. Nevertheless, members of the SAPS stationed at the Palace have received these instructions from the Provincial Commissioner, purportedly on the basis that His Majesty has not yet been installed by Government and is thus not entitled to VIP protection.

My understanding from years of public service is that SAPS security is not provided on the basis of status, but on the basis of a threat assessment. It seems perfectly clear that His Majesty the King would be placed in a vulnerable position if security were to be withdrawn at this point.

Despite the clear and present danger this poses, I am informed that the Brigadier in Charge of the SAPS Protectors stationed at the Palace has confirmed to Advocate Mshololo, who is also present at the Palace, that they have been instructed to withdraw. Both the Zulu Royal Family and the Swati Royal Family are shocked by this sudden development.

I therefore appeal to the nation to assist us in finding a way to continue security for His Majesty the King, to ensure that he is protected at this critical time.

We are at a loss to know what we can do if Government is abandoning the security of the King. I ask that this receive urgent attention so that solutions might be found to protect our monarch.