• Jan Adriaan Esterhuizen
  • Member: National Assembly (Parliament)
  •   (021) 403 2911
  •   [email protected]

Committee(s): Energy, Trade and Industry, Mineral Resources (Alternate Member), Arts and Culture (Alternate Member)

Place of birth: Northern Cape
Constituency: Germiston
Member of Parliament since: 2014

Political Background

I have been a member of IFP since 1999, and have served as Member of the National Council, Provincial Secretary of Gauteng Province, Councilor of Ekurhuleni Metro (Mayoral Candidate for IFP). I am currently an IFP Member of Parliament.


My constituency is situated in Germiston, Gauteng, where there has been no real improvement as the state still follows a policy of self-enrichment rather than community upliftment. The challenge remains one of accountability and transparency by government, failing which their decisions will continue to only benefit themselves at the expense of the ordinary citizen.

What does it mean to you to be a public representative?

Through the office I hold, I am able to further the interests and needs of the citizens and the state with competency, integrity and moral rectitude.

How can Parliament be more effective?

Our Parliament should stand by the principle and tradition of the 1995 Freedom Charter that articulates unequivocally ‘We the people’ as the context and grundnorm for all parliamentary business. Public opinion on legislation must be widely canvassed and taken note of. The Government exists to serve the will of the people not the other way around. Parliamentary leaders have a moral obligation to set the examples through peaceful dialogue and debate when dealing with any matter of contention. Sadly this not the case, with many leaders still setting poor examples by venting angry and destructive, sometimes racist rhetoric which only further damages social cohesion in South Africa.

What is your message to the voters?

Understand why people are burning schools, why people have given up! The large majority of South Africans don’t have hope, they have given up on this government, so why care about schools when the streets are filled with unemployed and uneducated people. Government has created a system where rights have been divorced from responsibility. For far too long we have always sought to justify rather than condemn government serious shortcomings. We have power in our votes and we must use this power judiciously and replace this government for it is no longer a government of the people.

Favourite Quote: “Don’t knock what you don’t understand”.

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