Our Vision

What society do we want for ourselves and future generations? It is, in short, a just, prosperous and moral society whose citizens engage with each other on the basis of ubuntu/botho.

A just society is one which is fair, which has successfully addressed the challenges of our past and, unfortunately, even the present – limited access to basic services, to sustainable jobs, to quality education, to adequate healthcare, and to security. It also results in freedom and equality for all before the law, irrespective of who you are and where you come from.

A prosperous society is one in which mass poverty has been eradicated and in which our people are able to pursue a better life. It is a society where everyone is able to develop to his or her fullest human potential. A prosperous society provides opportunity for all, it also generates high quality services and contributes towards stability and unity.

A moral society is one governed by timeless moral precepts of good, unlike the socio-political climate in South Africa today which comes close to being characterised by fear, violence, crime, greed and corruption. We believe in a society based on strong family and strong community. There is a contrast between some amoral leaders and elites and the essential goodness of most South Africans – we believe everyone has a role to play in making South Africa a better place.

A society underpinned by the spirit of ubuntu/botho must necessarily promote justice and prosperity and morality for all. We believe such a society is a distinct possibility, and is not merely a dream. We believe our values of solidarity, freedom and unity, and our principles and policies coupled with bold leadership and political courage, can achieve this vision.